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May 15, 2008


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Um yeah, peanutbutter and pickles? That is something I'll have to try to believe it's good! If you're recommending it... I'll give it a go! My ewww sandwhich is green olives and cream cheese. That sandwhich has been passed on for generations in my family and *most of us* love it. Another weird family combo is fritos topped with cottage cheese. Love it!


Not being a pickle lover, I'm definitely saying ew to pickle and peanut butter, but I do love toast with peanut butter and tomato with pepper. Try it- it's good!!


Hahaha, that sandwich looks SICK!! :D

We didn't really eat anything strange when I was a kid... but my mom doesn't use salt in ANY of her cooking - that's strange in itself :)


Pickled herring in wine sauce right out of the jar. My parent's friends are Swedish and their herring is to die for!!!! The napkins are lovely and the recipe book sounds great. I read cookbooks like novels!


I'm a firm believer in pickles going with almost anything...peanut butter never even entered my mind! I'll give it a try. My grandmother always made me strawberry jam omelettes. She'd cook an egg disc, spread on the jam, roll it up, and slice it like a pinwheel. Now I make them for my kids...they love 'em! Have a great weekend!


I like PB, grape jelly and nacho cheese Doritos on a sandwich. Best served with a big bowl of Spaghetti O's.

I'm giggling at the fritos/cottage cheese combo. I'll eat any kind of foreign cuisine but now I'm feeling like I'm not very adventurous at all!


We didn't really anything super strange, but we occasionally added honey and/or bananas to our PB sandwiches. PB is also great on pancakes. Syrup alone is too sweet for me, but at that PB and it's the perfect combo.


i suppose the strangest combination, that is really not so strange, that i really like is peanut butter, banana, and mayo sandwiches. otherwise.... for a snack my grandfather used to pour dark corn syrup over a tablespoon of butter and eat that.


I don't think I'm in to any weird combos either. I do love French fries with mayo, but I hear that's a French thing. PB is not a favorite for me, so any combo containing it sounds eww to me. I will say the worst smell ever is when my husband makes "hotdog nachos" - it's just the smell of corn tortilla chips and cheap hotdogs combined that makes me sick. It was torture when I was pregnant!


Pickled anything at our house (okra, green beans, watermelon rinds-for hubby). Never tried pickles and PB, but may have to now! My son (4) has developed a tradition w/ bacon. He must have a side dollop each of Shiracha and green hot sauce to dip it in. One day he discovered apples are good w/ hot sauce so they, too, must be accompanied by the two sauces!


Hmmm... I'm not so sure about the pickle and peanutbutter, but I love balsamic and ice cream! I love tofu toast: toast with jam and a nice thick slice of extra firm tofu. Yum!

Margaret Oomen

no really weird foods in our house but dinner guests always find it odd how we eat a lot of flowers in our food especially in the summer time. They are not decorative we actually ingest them. Our favorites are nasturiums, pansies , borage flowers, calendula and violets. My garden is organic so no concerns about ingesting pesticides in our home.


I love your ideas for a prize, Amber! :-)

I don't know if this is odd or common to other families, but I grew up eating peanut butter and syrup sandwiches. You start with a little peanut butter, and slowly mix in pancake syrup until the mixture is very creamy, just shy of being too runny for a sandwich. Yum. I now have myself craving it. ;-)

Another weird (and UNHEALTHY) combination of foods I've loved since I was a kid is french fries dipped in mayo. It's something in which I no longer indulge but maybe once a year or so, due to it's unhealthiness, but I do love the taste.

Another favorite of mine is a french fry wrapped around a dill pickle slice. That salty and sour taste is divine! I wish french fries weren't so unhealthy! ;-)

And speaking of peanut butter, in lieu of butter or margerine on my pancakes, I like to spread a small amount of peanut butter and jam (really thin layer) on my pancakes, then top them with syrup.


OMG - I thought I was the ONLY one who ate Pickle and PB sandwiches! I "invented" this combo when I was a little kid and got the 'eeeeww' factor from my friends too :)

Maybe I just like Peanut butter too much - but I also add it to chili - and plain rice. It gives everything a sweet/nutty Tai flavor.



I don't know if this is even weird or not (it doesn't seem at all weird to me, but I've also never seen anyone else eat it), but my dad always used to make peanut butter sandwiches with raisins and sunflower seeds, on whole wheat bread, of course. I always forget about this combo, and then every once in a while I remember and am very happy to eat it. I'm going to have to make one for lunch tomorrow now. Also, I love strawberries and balsamic vinegar together! If you search on epicurious for a mascarpone cheesecake with a balsamic strawberry sauce, I promise, you will not regret it. Mmmm...

Jasna Marija Janekovic

my favourite meal is cooked hokkaido pumpkin with chestnuts and rice sirup. mmmmhhhh! its sweet and very healthy.

Brigid B

I Sure like Cheese wrapped around a Banana and Peanut butter and Syrup on French toast, Pancakes and Waffles. Yummy!! See you this weekend!!


Long time lurker and enjoyer of your blog! I had to share our family tradition of peanut butter and salami sandwiches. I think our dad was just desperate for a lunch food for us one day and fed this combo to my sister and I. It kinda stuck. I have no idea how. And my boyfriend puts Shiracha sauce on EVERYTHING.


Great giveaway! Those napkins are wonderful. I guess I never thought about using napkins shapped other than a rectangle. Silly me. OK, let's see... going with the peanut butter theme I grew up eating beanut butter, bacon bit & honey sandwiches. (toasted bread, of course!) As the years went by the real bacon bits gave way to soy bits but I'll still indulge occasionally. I saw a couple comments about fries and mayo. I'll admit that I do love dipping fries in a mayo and catsup mix. The one thing I know I've gotten the ewww comment on is when I dip thin pizza slices in BBQ sauce. Again, it's one of those things I grew up with.


How fun to read all these combinations! I can't recall any weird family concoctions but I had a roomate in college who was a fanatic about brewers yeast. He'd put it on everything - cereal, pasta, popcorn, stir fry. He got me hooked on putting it on popcorn - quite good and loaded with vitamin B!


I need to try pb and pickles the idea actually appeals to me.

I was a very picky eater as a child. My dad was a non-cook. His speciality and one of my favorites at the time were fried bologna sandwiches. I haven't had bologna in forever!


I am admiring your vintage Pyrex. I love the dotted one (I'm hoping to find some of that to add to my collection -- we had it growing up).

Anyway, I do like pickled watermelon rind. My grandmother made it when we were children and I made some a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was very difficult to remove the outer rind. I also canned dilly beans with lots of garlic and dill (green beans) that summer.

The ultimate gross-out in my family is when my husband makes a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. He fed some to my baby one day, and the baby seemed to enjoy it. My eldest son ate it as a child, before declaring that he hates cheese. Although, I'm' thinking that peanut butter and cheese pales in comparison to peanut butter and pickle.


Your kids are allowed to take peanut butter to school? I'm surprised! Around here peanut products are very strictly banned in all schools. I understand why, but my son loves PB sandwiches so it's too bad he can't take them to school.

Something that my family does that makes others go "Ew!" is a nice bowl of buttermilk with bits of rye bread torn up into it, eaten with a spoon like a cold soup. Delicious. It's an eastern European thing, and it comes from using every bit of food one can, no waste.

Something weird that I like personally that my family didn't introduce me to is putting things in my mashed potatoes. Italian dressing, green olive brine, cream cheese, you name it, it's delicious in mashed potatoes. :)


My husband loves Peanut Butter with Onion. I haven't made myself try it yet.

I was heartbroken when I moved out of the Deep South and realized that you can't get good grits, even in grocery stores, in any of the other places I've lived. These days I smuggle boxes from back home and try to get by with polenta between times.


I like peanut butter and banana.

And deep fried pickles.

That's not why I'm here, though :-D I just memed you, so go check my blog for details!



Now I am beginning to think that my family is to plain and boring. We don't eat anything out of the ordinary. We do indulge in marmite and bransten pickle from the UK, both are great on cheese sandwiches.

But I will concur with the fritos with cottage cheese, or salt and pepper potato chips even better.


Oh my, peanut butter and pickles! Now, a nice peanut butter and bacon sandwich... mmmm... maybe once every ten years... and when I was a teenager I liked to have a bowl with a glop of peanut butter and a glop of applesauce in it. The thing that is ewwww around here is when the guys make toast and put on Annie's Goddess Dressing with a hefty covering of nutritional yeast. Does not smell good. None of these things should even be MENTIONED in the same paragraph with your beautiful doilies -- but -- your doilies are lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!


My favorite combo is Annies Mac & Cheese, smoked salmon, garlic and spinach all mixed together in one pot. Gosh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Maybe not weird enough.


Two weird food memories:

In elementary school the cool thing to bring for lunch was a top ramen noodle package. The thing is, we would eat it raw--just the crunchy hard noodles with the powder sauce sprinkled on top. I never buy ramen anymore, but I would totally eat it that way if I did.

The other weird food memory is from my first year in college. I didn't know how to cook anything but minute rice. So I'd make that white rice and mix in frozen spinach (which would thaw in the hot rice), cheddar cheese and soy sauce. I would eat it all the time. Again, I don't buy white rice, but I would probably eat that combo again, too.

I will try the PB & pickle thing. I love pickles and PB, so the two together...yum.

Great doilies! Have a fun weekend--should be a nice one on the beach (supposed to be 90 degrees here in Olympia).


Now this is a fun post, Amber. I will definitely have to try the pickles and peanut butter combo and that strawberry thing sounds great with the balsamic vinegar. My entry (on spur of the moment thinking) is not that weird. Since being married, we've enjoyed fried eggs with horseradish on the side - the hotter the better.


No weird combos, but I used to eat mayo snadwiches regularly after school. Lovel the doilies!


We ate cottage cheese and maple syrup as a rare treat growing up.
I also like graham crackers dipped in lemonade and orange juice on my cheerios.


Wow, there are some amazingly odd yet tasty-sounding combinations in these comments. I love anything sour, so pickles were a constant treat for me when I was a kid. I think I invented the pickle pop. Freeze pickle juice in ice cube or popsicle trays for a sour summer treat.
My toddler was excited when he saw your PB and pickle combo, so we'll give it a try.


I like salted peanuts thrown in a glass of pepsi. It sounds weird, but it's actually quite yummy.

Julie Alvarez

Oh, I so like everything you do, that I can't keep myself from commenting on this one... Maybe I win!
I like something strange like apples with reggianito cheese. No one else likes it, I know. And also tomatoes with a sweet we make here in Argentina, we call it Dulce de Leche. It's basically milk cooked slowly with sugar until it gets brown. Well, I like eating tomatoes with it. Again, no one else does like this mix.
Thanks for sharing.


Two unusual food combos . . .
1) This first one involves my Grandpa Mac, my mom's dad. He only lived until I was in sixth grade and he's probably the relative I most closely connected with -- we seem very similar and always had big laughing, good times. My memory is him sitting at the table in my grandparents' kitchen, a hand of cards in his hand, drinking this: half Coke, half milk, with a handful of Saltines crumbled in. I've never tried it.
2) For me, I always sprinkle "big" salt (Kosher) on my ice cream. I love the sweet/salty mix.
--Nancy in NC


You'll have no idea what I'm talking about but my favourite when I was a child and sometimes still today was vegemite sandwiches with chips (crisps I think you'd call them) in them. The chips had to be added right before eating to retain their crunch. Vegemite is a dark brown yeast spread, Aussies and kiwis grow u with it but its an aquired taste as it looks like tar and makes your breath smell funky. But it tastes so good.

ellen kelley

I am not sure about "weird" combinations, but for many people I ate strange food growing up in Hawaii...poi, lomi lomi salmon, taro, tofu and edamame beans fresh from the vine.
I wish you a wonderful weekend on the may be well above 90 tomorrow in Roseburg. It's darned hot here where we are.
Have a safe and wonderful trip and good and loving connections with friends.


BLT with peanut butter on it. weird, but good.

Kate in NY

One of my children is adopted from Africa, and so I've been reading many African cookbooks for inspiration lately (the best is probably Marcus Samuelsson's "The Soul of a New Cuisine"). One absolutely delicious combination of flavors that seems to crop up again and again is beef, tomatoes and peanut butter. Mmmmm - it is SO good - and easily adaptable to more Western-style fare (for instance, when I am making a tomato and meat sauce for pasta, I add in some peanut butter). Really, what is peanut butter NOT delicious with?



My mom always served us white rice with sugar and butter. I didn't know that wasn't typical until I went to a Chinese restaurant in college and noticed that no one else sugared their rice.


Your peanut butter and pickle sandwich reminded me of something my mom used to eat when I was little: tomato sandwiches with peanut butter and mayonnaise. It's very tasty. In college, I used to eat cottage cheese with tomatoes and French dressing. That's not too weird, I guess. But it is yummy! Have a nice trip!


Growing up we ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches a lot-- sometimes we had brown sugar and butter sandwiches....ketchup sandwiches,--- I personally ate onion and mayo sandwiches when I was a bit older.


My best friend's favorite sandwich is peanut butter, mayo, pickle, lettuce and slice of cheese. I can't bring myself to try it. I did hear that it is big in the midwest to have pb and pickle sandwiches though.


I'm originally from West Virginia and my family has a fondness for pickled ramps. They are really stinky onions that grow wild there. My grandma also cans banana peppers from her garden sliced open with a hot dog inside. I have a jar in my pantry but we haven't been brave enough to open them yet!

Lindsey and Twyla

My favorite 'weird' food combination...a bowl of sweetened oatmeal with a crumbled up peanut butter sandwich mixed in it. Yumm!


Wow - a lot of peanut butter eaters out there! When I was growing up my dad used to make us ketchup and mayonaise sandwiches all summer, and we also actually ate spam sandwiches - we would also eat the treats out of old army rations. I still like a few odd combinations now, but nothing too weird - cottage cheese with salsa, or fried eggs and potatoes with maple syrup drizzled over the top of both.

Your embroidery is lovely by the way.


The cream cheese and olives sounds good to me also the peanut butter and sprouts. My family has a lot of weird combos Bana Cala (spelling I am unsure of) Homemade Anchovy Paste As a dip for Cabbage, Drunkin Fruit Pears, canned cherries whatever fruit you have with whiskey let it steep for a couple of months the longer the better eat it by self or with cake etc., or my families antipasto catsup, lots of different veggies, pickles, canned tuna,olives,sardines,anchovies,sugar. I catered my own wedding and my Aunts brought these delicacies to share. Huge Old jars filled. So funny the people eating the drunkin fruit not knowing exactly what it was ! As for a strange sandwich combos my mom used to eat Peanut Butter and Potato chips on wonder bread everyday for lunch. I could do this forever we really like to eat in my family. Fun Contest and beautiful prize!


I'm all about the cottage cheese mixed with ketchup. It's delicious. Yum Yum. I can't wrap my head around the pb and dill though, sorry!


The napkins are abolutely beautiful!!
This eewww recipe is not mine, but my mom's: peanut butter, tomato, and onion sandwiches. I still haven't tried this, but she loves it.


I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches too. I don't seem to get as many comments about that as I do about adding jam and Dijon mustard to my grilled cheese sandwiches, though.

It's not something I eat very often, but one of my weirdest food combinations (which I've eaten more than once) involves plain yogurt, grapefruit, carrots, and Tabasco sauce.


I am all about trying new things, some are better than dad's side of the family puts peanut butter on corn (it's really yummy!) I though it was strange until I married my husband and he covers his in Mayo, parmesan cheese and chili powder (which is also fabulous!). Ok, so here is my strange secret food...I put caramel syrup on my corn, or honey. It is fantastic!


We used to eat steak, dipped in red wine, and then dipped in creamed spinach. My mom used to send me to school with butter and liverwurst sandwiches. I also used to heat up peanut butter and put it on ice cream, but, alas, no pickles!


MMmmmm strawberries (we live on the southern oregon coast!) we used to eat stawberries dipped in sour cream and then rolled in brown sugar, but alas we just discovered (the hard way) that one of our kids is now alergic to strawberries.

fave snack.... slice of salami, spread with cream cheese and top with a pickle slice or pepperchini


as a teeenager, at a party once, someone swore that dipping dill pickle spears into onion dip was good - and it was!

granted, it's not for dates...


In the UK branston pickle is a must in your cheese or ham sandwiches. My dad always had a thing about cheese and jam sandwiches.(I think UK jam is jelly in the US). They taste surprisingly good, the sweetness of the jam cuts through the creaminess of a nice old cheddar. Yum! Like the sound of strawberries and balsamic vinegar - I recently heard of a similar fried pineapple & black pepper combo which would be worth a try.


I can't think of any particular eeewww foods we indulge in here. Growing up though my brother, sister and I loved PB & mayo sandwiches. makes me shudder now.

I LOVE your embroidered napkins. so lovely


when we were being assessed by social workers to adopt our now 2yr old son..they asked if we knew about food groups and our government recommendations for healthy eating. we did. they asked what we ate in a regular week. we had to write detailed menus. MY sunday evening supper was a white bread, brown ketchup and boiled cabbage sandwich. (lunch leftovers). In the final meeting to determine whether or not we would have our son...their concern was that i was a 'weird', 'bizarre' and 'odd' eater. CHARMING! They actually re-read our weekly menus to assure themselves that the rest of the week was 'normal'.
i love reading what is eewwww for some and heaven for others. long may you enjoy your pickle and pb!


Enjoy the coast, it is beautiful this time of year! I don't eat anything weird, but I love catsup on macaroni and cheese, and people say that is weird.


I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. They get a bad rap.
Well, my favorite "weird" foods are cream cheese and jelly sandwiches which everyone thinks are really gross when i eat them. Also, my apples and ranch dressing. Sounds gross i know, but it was pretty good. Oh and i put ketchup in my macaroni and cheese. so.. i guess i eat kinda weird foods. haha.


Not too sure about the pickles and peanut butter. I mean pickles are great, peanut butter is great...but altogether? Hmmm. I don't think I have any quirky food combos. I remember once when Shawn and I picked up McDonald's and I ordered fries and a chocolate shake. I love dipping my fries in the shake. It's that sweet and salty mixture. He thought I was nuts. Then again he also had no idea how good perogies or blue cheese were til he met me, LOL.


We don't have any weird foods that we eat, how boring, right?

Hope you had fun at the coast :)

Jennie S.

What beautiful napkins! i love embroidery.

yummy, slightly weird foods:

sardines cooked w/salted black beans. it goes great w/white rice.

and my mum-in-law loves sour cream/jello molds made w/cashews. lol


My only food combination is pretzels and malted milk balls.
However, two of my sisters like Pixie stick powder on potato chips, my friend likes to dip her french fries in mayonnaise and my niece dips her bacon in Sprite. Ew!


We had five kids in our family and you didn't waste food. When I was little I loved mac and cheese with ketchup but that isn't the ewww part. One day as my mother was fixing plates for my sister and me(we were the youngest)she put french dressing on the mac and cheese instead of the salad. She managed to convince us that we were special and we were the only ones that got that treat. We loved it because it was "special" just for us. I couldn't eat mac and cheese without french dressing for years. My husband loves gravy on pancakes. When I was pregnant that was the biggest ewww for me.


My family is from Georgia(lots of southern cooking!).Two of my favorite dishes my Great Grandmother made were coca cola cake and jello salad with lime jello spinach,cottage cheese,and pineapple .

Two of the strangest things I have seen since moving to North Carolina are fried pickles and fried cheesecake...I haven't been brave enough to try either!

What a fun contest...I hope you are having a great trip!!

:) Laura


Leftover sweet cornbread, crumbled into a tall glass, cold milk poured over and eaten with a spoon. Mmmmmm.


Onion & Mustard sandwiches, are a favorite here...with a few salt & peppered chips...I believe these are the ultimate sandwich chips, we use them on all of our sanwiches, great on peanut butter and jam, as well. Pickles & butter sandwiches are a favorite too! My son is voting for ketchup on his pizza. French fries dipped in honey...myself, I tend to add flax and sesame seeds to absolutely everything, even my desserts...I just crave them...and lets see, anything, although, especially bananas and strawberries are excellent dipped in Ovaltine...:)...dipping reminds me of my sons obsession with dipping his toast in his chocolate milk...

Theresa N

I like dill pickels dipped in mustard, very yummy.
Theresa N


I love your blog and visit often. Your work is gorgeous and I am a fellow foodie. Weird food combos mmmm anything citrus!


One thing I thought sounded gross until I tried it was cottage cheese with cut-up banana, sprinkled with cinnamon. Add some walnut pieces, and you've got a meal!


Hmmmm....I love grilled cheese sandwiches with honey on them. And Wendy's fries in their frosty's are yummy. But the BEST is strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar. We just get two little bowls, one of each and dip each strawberry in sour cream and then as much brown sugar as it will hold and YUM! Once we learned this, my sister and mom and I spent endless summer days dipping away! Fun give away!

Bonnie Buckingham

What lovely napkins!
Have to think.........the weirdest combination
is one of my sons ( I have 4 of them!) who
puts Ranch Dressing on French Fries, even
when we are out to dinner!



Hello, I love everything about your blog. A "weird" food that runs in my family is mustard on buttered toast. This may be a French Canadian thing since it came from my FC grandparents? This combination possibly may help an upset stomach, too. I may be making that last part up. Another fine food I have enjoyed since childhood is the potato chip sandwich. Buttered slice of bread with potato chips stuffed in and folded over. The folded over part makes it taste better:) Thanks so much for your very human, very beautiful blog!

High Desert Diva

I'm just catching up on my blog reading...having company for the Memorial weekend has thrown me off.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to check yours.

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