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August 28, 2008


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Love the egg id photo. When we first got our's the previous owner tried to explain what each of their eggs looked like. It took me awhile to id each hen's egg but it was pretty fun! As they get bigger their eggs get a bit bigger too which is also kind of funny. Hope you get some good chicken time soon. :)

Kathi D

I am a big advocate of Chicken Therapy! My husband compares it to his brand of relaxation, which is sitting with binoculars in hand to watch wild birds.


I have 7 laying hens and I feel exactly the same way, just sitting and watching them is so relaxing. I take a chair and set it by the hen house, let them out and just sit among them while I do some paper work. But as you say, you just don't really get it unless have experienced it. Good luck on your new home and school! Yah!!

Margaret Oomen

Love your new banner amber!!! I miss your chickens also. I totally understand the chicken therapy thing. I find it also very relaxing watching animals and other little creatures ( like my little snail friends) move about and interact with their environments. Have a wonderful weekend :)


I know exactly what you're talking about! I'll take a chair out and sit by the chicken house for hours while they forage around. I especially like when they take their dust baths. It is so relaxing to watch them. I have 9 pullets and 1 rooster that are 10 weeks old today so no eggs yet but they have been such a joy to have so far. I hope you and your children get to spend some time with your chickens soon!!

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