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March 17, 2009


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My d-i-l gets fresh eggs from her mother and I love the different colors of the shells.


Oh yum!! Now I've just got to have waffles for breakfast tomorrow!


Do you REALLY have your own chickens??? I have found a feed store nearby that sells fresh eggs, and there is nothing else like them. They have a rich flavor, and deep color in the yolk that is so superior to the anemic, pale, tasteless eggs I buy at the big grocery store. Surely, they must be more nutritious!

Child of the New Forest

Oh wow, your waffles look so good. You could never buy waffles that good!


Thank you!

We 'sort of' have our own chickens. They live at my Mom's house, which is very close to us. My kids consider them their own "pets" and they absolutely love each and every one!

Yes, free-range eggs are much more healthy and they are beautiful, too!


Last spring, we had our first encounter with organic, free range eggs. The difference is astounding. They are REAL eggs. The ones in the grocery store are merely imposters.
Would you share the sourdough waffle recipe? It looks incredible.

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