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April 03, 2009


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Oooh - thanks for this, Amber! I'm going to make some for dinner tonight. Did you know that eating eggs strengthens the amniotic sac? My midwife told me to eat two a day, and believe it or not, I've never made a quiche.

The ginger ale looks otherworldly good, too!


Yum! I love quiche! I may have to make this (even though I really dislike cooking/baking.) :)

Account Deleted

Quiche is one of my favourites for a weekend lunch. I haven't made one recently but this just planted a thought on the menu. I will try some of your add-in's and see how that goes!


Quiche is perfect food and now I'm inspired to make one. Thank you.


you're making me hungry!!

Dana Zia

Ohhhhh, you are making me hungry! That is such a great idea for Sunday morning. I made a smoked salmon quiche a few weeks back with smoked white cheddar and leeks, oh that was good too. Great pictures too!

Steven Brown

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