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April 12, 2009


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Sarah Jackson

Oh!! I hope it works! We want to hatch chicks in the fall (which is actually a good time to do it here). Let us know how it goes!


Poor Phoebe and Speckles! I'm glad they are safe and snug from others' jealousy--and I hope that they able to hatch all of their chicks.


Can't wait to see how this goes.... How many, and what kinds, of hens do you have now? Can you tell me what kind of rooster you have? We are deciding what rooster to get -- we want a gentle one who can be enjoyed. Our last one was a really aggressive one, and he was no fun!


I enjoyed reading or seeing this! We got 4 chicks this Spring and I thought about sticking them in the coup with the broody one in hopes that she would just think they were her's. I didn't and now I am trying to integrate the two flocks together through a fence. Chickens are dumb but they aren't that dumb so we shall see how it goes. I hope your chicks hatch and are ok. How exciting!


They are so sweet sitting dilligently! I hope you get three healthy (non rooster) chicks! I remember when we used to hatch our own when I was a kid. We got one fantastic rooster from our hens hatching their own named Eggbert- (we were allowed roosters in Ashland at the time) he was gorgeous and the biggest rooster I have ever seen in my life.

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