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June 04, 2009


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I laughed so hard -- forgot i was in the office -- all these heads starting popping up over cubicle walls to see what on earth that strange loon of a telecommuter was laughing at!


LOL it definitely is a looker. Those chickens should be mighty proud to have a home like that!


Great post! One that I will never show my husband ;-) The coop looks amazing. You all should be proud!


Haha! I loved this post!! And that is one sweet chicken coop. Love that your guy is so handy and so in to it!

Are you and the kids going to "decorate" it? I could see painted vines and flowers.... My 8yo would NEVER let a surface like that go unadorned. :)

ellen kelley

Amber, I have loved this post so much! It's funny and so wonderful in so many ways.
I am so happy that you have Pants and that he is such a loving, hard working who clearly loves you and supports you, a loving person who goes way out to support you and your children in what is important to all.
I also LOVE hearing the joy in your voice and the HUMOR...the FUN that has entered your life, the LAUGHTER.
What a gift to you and what a gift you have given him.

This makes me smile and feel very happy.
There is always hope, and brightness and constancy, and just darned goodness..isn't there?
Whew! I will be quiet now.


"Hello, my name is Tom and my chicken coop is out of control." No solar panels or composting toilet, but still, our "chicken Guantanamo" is a major addition to our yard. Though I must confess my father-in-law did most of the work.


Kate--- The kids plan on painting a picture of our fallen "Macho the Rooster" on the front of the coop in commemoration. I look forward to seeing what they come up with...


Tom--- Thanks for the link! Your coop's colors are beautiful and the chicken Guantanamo is very handy---and a funny name!! I especially like the prayer flag decoration....

Also, I'm very interested in your wife's writing----I must check out her books....


Ellen--- As always, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. It always makes me smile to read them, knowing you understand...


So funny--this is exactly what happened to us. Thought we'd cobble four walls together, slap on a roof and cut a little chicken door. WEEKS later we have a deluxe, craftsman Poulet Palace. OK--it's not that deluxe, but it is way nicer, and WAY more work than we'd envisioned. Also funny--when you're all done and the girls are moved in and making that sweet little clucking sound, all the work seems to fall away, and there's just that lovely feeling of a job well done, and a GOOD thing going on. (Oh! Now that I write this, I see my husband, Tom, already commented above. Happy to find your lovely site!)

Tora in Chagrin Falls, OH

What a funny post - you made me laugh and I love it!


Wow, you guys are great! We just got a chicken coop from a lady on craiglist...Because I said I would build the coop, but my husband didn't think that my 7 months pregnant body and mind would get that done along with everything else. I have to say he was right. I love seeing your coop. Keep up the good work!

Chicken Ark

Excellent coop, looks great. Unfortunately they always seem to end up costing more than you set out to send. It's because you want it to be perfect for your chickens, and it's been proven that painting your coop a certain colour increases the productivity of your flock.
I've seen coops with TVs and the chickens drinking mineral water! People get crazy into it!


SOOO funny. I had chickens as a kid and think that they are hilarious to watch. Has anyone tried these sites that say you can build a chicken coop in a couple of days? I'm not terribly handy and wonder if it's even possible.


Nice DIY Chicken Coop you have there! :) For those of you who are looking to do it yourself, here are some nice Chicken Coop Plans And Resources at

Account Deleted

You have a really good looking chicken coop, just hope you don't plan on having a lot of chickens otherwise you might have to do an expansion.

John OToole

People are very concerned nowadays about the source of their food because of the various exotic diseases going its not surprising that raising your own chickens has become so popular.
The financial climate is a big factor too..and the great free range eggs and chicken!

Builder Christchurch

I liked this post. Cute and funny! Liked the widow part :)

Portable Chicken Coop Martha


OMG How Funny!!!! Great blog you have here. I'm enjoying the addition of my chickens to my life. They are really contributing to my organic garden and I'm loving the eggs. I had no idea how popular keeping chickens were!

Keep up the good work!


Kensington Luxury Penthouses

Good blog. I am trying to learn about bird spotting myself to help with studying them.

Beth O'Neil

Great looking coop! I agree with what John said, free range eggs taste much better than those from the egg factories. And one thing that people don't often realize, chickens really do make wonderful pets.

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