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October 06, 2009


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YUMMMMMM! What a great treat. Love it!


yum. I'm making them!


ooh that sounds yummy


hello, just encountered your beautiful blog and have been spending (much!) time looking back through the archives. i actually have a question pertaining to a past post: if you don't mind sharing, how do you crochet around a rock? that is so so lovely, and i can imagine myself spending winter hours tying knots around a stone. thank you for the inspiration! (these little snacks look delicious as well!)

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Ok, this look fantastic and delicious. I will try this one and see if it is worthy of the fame I knew about this blog.


What a good idea - like all of those expensive bars except probably a lot cheaper? Was this $ to make? How long do they keep? Do you think my nut-hater child would like them? Detect the nuts?

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