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October 27, 2009


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Love this idea! My Swiffer has been abandoned because I couldn't stand throwing out all those disposable covers. Maybe I can start using it again!


Thanks for sharing this Amber! I just did a post on one of my blogs about Swiffers so this comes in really handy.


Awesome! Thank you so much for posting the pattern. It's just so cute, I'm going to have to make some. :)


Thanks for the pattern. Hey, it looks as if we have the same tiled floor (except mine is much dirtier :) . I haven't visited in quite awhile. Hope that you are having a wonderful year, Amber.


great idea. Thanks for posting the pattern


Awesome, thanks! I've been safety pinning rags to my Omop, but this would work much better. BTW, love your shoes!!!


Awesome! This is going to work so much better than wrangling one of the hubby's old socks over the Swiffer head. :)


This is what I have been looking for, awesome!


so much cuter than an old sock, which is what i usually use on my swifter. i'm bookmarking this to make some for my mother in law for Christmas; she loves her swifter and is oh so hard to think of things for. thanks for the easy to understand directions!


Now this is a great idea. I had heard that these mop "heads" have chemicals in them which make them unsafe to use if you have pets or crawling children, so mine was discarded. But not only could this solve that problem, but it is so much greener too - no buying those coverings, just wash the terry cover. brilliant.


Aww, this is the cutest swiffer cover ever! Thanks so much. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.


just found this project through craftzine... wow.. I MUST make one of these! thanks so much for sharing your tutorial, and maybe I will take the plunge and finally make a button hole!


You could also put a microfiber cloth on, which is what my frugal mother does...and I now do! Have to admit, love the idea of making it into a proper fitting cloth, I can't believe I didn't think of it. Thanks!

Jena (Organizing Mommy)

Wow! I have made swiffer covers, but this one is A LOT better than mine! Thanks!


Thanks for the pattern. I just made one this afternoon in less than 20 minutes. Instead of using buttons, I sewed on velcro. So now even my swiffer wet jet could be fitted with one! Thanks again.

Account Deleted

This is so great! I haven't used my swiffer in awhile because I hate the waste that comes with it! Now I can use it again! Just so you know I HAD to add this to my blog


cute Idea, but I have so many other projects to do. I just use old washcloths on my swiffer. I just poke the cloths corners into those grippy holes and I use 2 or 3 keep replacing the cloths until there is no longer dirt on them. look on for homemade all purpose cleaners to use on the floor to be really good to the environment.


cute idea thanks for sharing! i posted a link on she's crafty


hooray for a great idea!! thank you...i just may have to start cleaning my floors again ;)


Fantastic idea, and so cute!! Thanks so much for sharing! Can I post a link to this on my site? (


Tonya Staab

Great idea. I'm bookmarking this for later ... I'm going to whip up a couple after the holidays.


I made two last week and they work great. I used an old beach towel. I'm going to make a few more and I'll totally link to you when I post it on my blog.


I love this and can't wait to make one for me and one for my sister. I love your shoes in the picture!! What brand are they?


Genius! Now I have to find an old towel to cut up.


I think this is great! Thank you so much for sharing!! I don't have a swiffler but I would like to get one for my sisters home since she has wooden floors and vinyl floors. I remember that swifflers have a wet cloth wrap right? So with this, would I spray the cloth?


Brilliant - I usually use microfiber clothes stuck into the swiffer's holes and now with this pattern yeah! I do have some towels to be re-purposed and will sew a microfiber clothe on the other side...and yes velcro sounds good to me also...not even sure if I will bother pulling it inside out and making them as pretty as you have - great idea thank you for the pattern!


Gwen--- Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, I cut off the tag on my slippers and cannot find the brand of these slippers. I found them at a local department store, Fred Meyer.

Michelle--- Thank you for you comment, too! There are a couple options with the cover. You could thoroughly moisten the cover before using it, or you could spray the floor before using the dry cover. We tend to spray the floor with a separate spray bottle, when needed...


Awesome!! I love my Swiffer, but I refuse to spend any more money or give any more space in a landfill to their throwaway cleaning pads.

I featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:



I feel the same way as Booga and Anne about Swiffer cleaning pads...and I just happen to have an old towel with raggedy ends that was headed for the cleaning-rag pile. Thank you for this pattern!


Great idea! Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

Erika Mulvenna

This is awesome, thanks so much for the tutorial!

jacci kakaygeesick

This is my afternoon project,needed this.Its awesome.wish I had the pattern for the slippers too.
Thanks for sharing.


Jacci-- There is a crochet pattern that is similar to these if you know how to crochet? Let me know and I'll send you the link! :-)

Raylene Dansby

wow, looks great....can't wait to try making one and using it....thanks for the pattern


This is WONDERFUL!!! I've added it to a "Green Cleaning" roundup on my website today.

You can also grab an "I've been featured badge" if you'd like.

Great site!!


What a great money saver. I hate spending money on disposable towels, especially when it takes so many of them to clean my house. Plus, I have some old, accidentally-bleached towels that I can't stand putting in my bathroom anymore. I am so excited to turn them into something useful.

I saw that someone else mentioned a pattern for the that on your website? They are really cute.

Sheila Oliver

Michelle, I was wondering the same thing about how to "wet" these covers.
Did you get a reply to your question??


Sheila & Michelle-- I use a spray bottle with an all-purpose cleaner in it to simulate the wet mop. You can wet the cover and attach it to the mop but when the cover is entirely wet it is more apt to swivel on the mop head. I hope that helps! -Amber


If made with microfiber for one layer, and the other of old Terry cloth towels and you clip along the sown line in the body of the cover; you end up with more surface to wipe up spills, etc. And the extra surface lasts longer.


What a great idea. Thanks

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Diane Knott

This is wonderful! I never use the commercial wipes because they leave a film on the floor. I've been tucking an old washcloth into the teeth and that has worked pretty well, but your idea is fantastic! Velcro would work too I guess.

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